Supporting Benji Matthews at Cornucopia

18 Jan 2018


We very recently had the chance to support X factors Benji Matthews at Cornucopia and perform a 30 minute set. If you've never been to the venue, Cornucopia is situated in Parr Market. It's a really cool, quirky place with various food stalls and bar area and quite a large stage and a backstage area. When we arrived people were eagerly waiting by the stage and the place was very quickly filling up.  It was one of those gigs where we did'nt have a specific set list lined up but we knew it was going to be a pop heavy event so we brought out the chart toppers and mash ups and have a sing off with the audience. The whole performance was alot of fun and only inspired us to want to play more stages like this with our own material. Benji gave an amazing performance and I was blown away by his incredible range, he is also the sweetest guy and his original songs are very inspiring and heartfelt. Check out his songs...                          


Were excited to be heading back to Cornucopia on 8th June supporting Fleetwood Bak. For more info and tickets, click here


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