Wedding video shoot at the Harbour Hotel

10 Jan 2018

It's an exciting time for us with our new website launch, and recently we've also filmed our 'promotional wedding video'! We wanted to showcase ourselves playing at a wedding ceremony and drinks reception so that brides and grooms can really get a feel for what we do as musicians. It's not possible to film this at a real wedding because the sound and lighting isn't quite right, and you can't ask the bride to walk down the aisle three or four times so that the videographer can film her from different angles! So this is why we 'staged' a wedding. But our bride and groom (Holly & Martyn Moon from St. Ives) were a real bride and groom whose wedding ceremony we played at last year. So, it felt just like the real thing all over again...


This took place at the Harbour Hotel, St Ives, where we filmed in the Godrevy Suite, the Harbour Suite and even outside. Our 'wedding guests' were amazing sports in braving the cold January wind for the camera! 


As soon as it's finished we'll be posting the video on our website, but until then here are some photos from the day ...



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