Songs By The Sea...

29 Mar 2019



I don't know what it is about this time of the year but it seems everything has just become so much brighter and colourful all of a sudden. Out of nowhere we've been blessed with blue skies, crystal clear waters and everyone has suddenly come out of hibernation with a positive gleam in their eye....summers coming!


This week we've taken absolute advantage of the glorious weather and done a bit of a coast to coast tour trying out some new songs and shooting some new videos. We're really excited to finally be working on an official music video for 'The Beauty', a song we wrote a couple of years ago at a little cove near Godrevy and we honestly can't wait to share it with you. Cornwall is such a beautiful, inspiring little place and home to some spectacular hidden gems and we try and capture that in our music and our videos. We've been doing a fair bit of songwriting during this past year and looking forward to releasing some new music very soon .... look out for updates on our journey.




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